Re: PangoXft and PangoFT2 patch from hell

At 10:30 19.11.01 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
>Alex Larsson <alexl redhat com> writes:
>> On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> > Alex Larsson writes:
>> >  > > What do you suggest 'for now'. I guess porting mini-xft is at least
>> >  > > some hours of work. A _really_ short look at the code gave me the
>> >  > > impression, that it is tightly bound to the *ix way of doing things.
>> > 
>> > Well, just making it build (with gcc; MSVC will need some #ifdef
>> > HAVE_UNISTD_H etc) was not that hard. Whether it actually does
>> > anything sensible is another matter. 
This is what I thought. Making it compile is one thing, but understand
and adapt it to win32 conventions (e.g. no hard coded pathes) is the 
second and getting patches accepted the third ...

>> > Anybody have a simple (but not
>> > too simple) working test program for pangoft2?
>> > [...]
> [...]
>Perhaps there could be a viewer-ft2-win32.c that uses GDI
>calls directly for drawing... 
This was the keyword :-) 
Not sure if it isn't too simple but I've written testfonts.c
for exactly the purpose to debug pango without gtk. It is in
cvs and at least works with pangowin32. Porting it to use
FT2 should be a matter only a few #ifdefs ...

> > Perhaps we should restore viewer-ft2.c.
> viewer-ft2.c is fundementally unfixable because it depends on 
> having copy of GTK+ that you can link to the same GLib as
> Pango but that doesn't require Pango.
Sorry for my ignorance but I fail to see the problem.
It obviously won't work with a totally broken Pango but
could be of some help with Pango having smaller glitches.

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