Re: disting

James Henstridge <james daa com au> writes:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> >
> >Note that GTK+ has not supported catgets since we added libintl
> >support in GTK+-1.2. :-)
> >
> >If someone wants to decipher glib/ (installed
> >by glib-gettextize) make sure that really isn't
> >needed and make a patch excising it, that would be usefulk.
> >
> What I meant is that gettext <= 0.10.35 could be compiled in a
> compatibility mode, such that the libintl functions acted as wrappers
> for the system catgets API, and the app just used the standard gettext
> API not needing to know about catgets.  So gtk+-1.2 can easily use
> catgets through the gettext package.
> The was used to convert a .po file into the format used
> by the catgets utilities.  With the newer versions (which have extra
> features not found in catgets or other implementations of gettext),
> the compatibility code was removed, so is no longer
> needed.

What I'm saying is - I don't think there was anything in GTK+-1.2
either that would ever cause the cat-id-tbl.c file to be used.

I believe this only ever got used in traditional usage if
a) catgets was detected and b) the intl/ directory was compiled
instead of using an installed libintl or gettext() from the
C library.

Since GTK+-1.2 had the code for catgets detection stripped
out of AM_GNU_GTK_GETTEXT and never built the intl/ directory...

Of course, it's a little hard for me to tell how this was supposed
to work looking at the non-functioning remains in Glib HEAD,
but I believe it was probably vestigal even in GTK+-1.2.


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