Re: Color selector on Exceed


> I experience a problem with the colorsel from CVS gtk+ as of today. The upper 
> half of the ring is not drawn, there is only a black rectangle. Strangely 
> enough, the triangle *is* drawn completely, on top of the black rectangle 
> (see attached screenshot).  When I move another window over the ring area,
> other artifacts can be produces (see the other screenshots). It looks like 
> some problem with the handling of expose events.
> This problem only appears when I run gtk-demo remotely against an Exceed X 
> server on Win2000. It doesn't occur on XFree86 4.0.2 running locally. It also 
> doesn't occurs when running gtk-demo against Xnest on Exceed.

I played with Exceed a bit, and it had problems with windowmaker. When you moved 
window in "outline" mode, outlines were not deleted properly.

I guess Exceed has some bugs.

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