RE: win32 port


Perhaps you would be willing to provide weekly snapshots for the win32
environment.  I would be willing to give you some webspace for this.


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At 14:34 22.05.01 +0200, Vianney Lecroart wrote:
>I downloaded the last snapshot of gtk 1.3.5 for the gtk site and I tried to
>create win32 binaries with visual c++ 6.0
>I fixed lot of little things (like deprecated function that are always in
>the .dep files). 
Where do these .dep files come from ? Something broken with your build
setup ?

>I got binaries for glib, pango
>but for the gtk I had a big problem. It seems that lot of functions like
>keyboard management are missing. 

The missing file is gdkkeys-win32.c 

>I took a look on the CVS and all win32 files are not there.
On which CVS(server) where you looking ? The file you are missing
was probably not in the gtk-1.3.5 snapshot, because it is
missing in EXTRA_DIST.

But it is included in since 2000-12-15.

>Could you tell me if somebody work on the win32 version with visual c++ or
>what do you plan for this version?
I'm trying to keep the win32 msc build up-to-date, but sometimes
there is more new stuff/breakage than I could handle ...

All this is done with hand-written makefiles for namke and the 
compiler from Visual C++ (5.0/6.0), but not from the Developer 
Studio (.dsp files).

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