Re: libtool-1.4 / automake-1.4p1

On Sun, 20 May 2001, Drazen Kacar wrote:

> Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:
> > in proper way. All other packages uses this macro only as simple
> > replacement AM_GNU_GETTEXT without using any other abilities this macro
> > .. and all as anyone can see works corectly (seems noones sreems on
> > sometimes broken dependences from (sometimes) generated intl/intl.a).
> It doesn't work correctly. If you're on Solaris and you have GNU gettext
> installed, 0.10.35 macro and various modifications (like the one in GTK)
> would happily conclude that gettext is in libc. Then make would use GNU
> msgfmt to produce .mo files. The end result is that the application would
> not be localized, because Solaris gettext cannot read GNU gettext format.
> GNU gettext 0.10.36 macro doesn't allow this situation to happen.

OK but it still mean gettext must be fixed .. not any GNOME/GTK+/GLIB
aclocal macros :)
Now we can say what is more importand: keep in clean GNOME/GTK+/GLIB
projects or try to fix in any GNOME/GTK+/GLIB projects problems which must
be solved outside this projects ?

*Ludzie nie mają problemów, tylko sobie sami je stwarzają*
Tomasz Kłoczko, sys adm|*e-mail: kloczek rudy mif pg gda pl*

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