Re: libtool-1.4 / automake-1.4p1

Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:

> in proper way. All other packages uses this macro only as simple
> replacement AM_GNU_GETTEXT without using any other abilities this macro
> .. and all as anyone can see works corectly (seems noones sreems on
> sometimes broken dependences from (sometimes) generated intl/intl.a).

It doesn't work correctly. If you're on Solaris and you have GNU gettext
installed, 0.10.35 macro and various modifications (like the one in GTK)
would happily conclude that gettext is in libc. Then make would use GNU
msgfmt to produce .mo files. The end result is that the application would
not be localized, because Solaris gettext cannot read GNU gettext format.

GNU gettext 0.10.36 macro doesn't allow this situation to happen.

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