Re: Unable to load stock icons with GtkItemFactoryEntry.

Jeff Franks <jcf tpg com au> writes:
> When I specifiy one of the stock id's from gtkstock.h as the
> 'extra_data' member of a GtkItemFactoryEntry in a static GtkItemFactory
> array the stock image does not load. Am I doing something wrong or is
> there a problem loading stock images?

I have a fix on my disk for one problem related to this, but I also
have outstanding patches for gtk-demo that use <StockItem> and it
seems to work there.

My demo looks like this:

  { "/File/_New", "<control>N", menuitem_cb, 0, "<StockItem>", GTK_STOCK_NEW },

Hmm, the demo's a bit broken, since it overrides the default
accelerator for the stock item.

Anyhow, maybe put a test case in bugzilla?


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