Re: PCX support for gdk-pixbuf

I know that the TGA and PCX loaders lack some features and should use a
true progressive loaders.  I just released them early, because I might
not release them agian for some while.  I've started back on my own
project and extentions I make to certian gnome libs prob won't make it
off my box for a while.

I figured it was also nice to support the most coomon texture formats
for the quake series games; since adding these to gdk-pixbuf it adds
support to various imaging programs and nautilus.  I will make not of
your suggestions when finishing up the gdk-pixbuf code.  This is the
first time I've used glib and gtk code, and I wasn't aware of g_malloc's
behavior.  Also I don't know when I'll subit a fixed PNM ASCII loader to
fix the broken one in gdk-pixbuf now.


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