Re: PCX support for gdk-pixbuf

On 10 May 2001 10:05:30 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> "Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II" <stu7440 westga edu> writes:
> > Well, I figured I'd dump the PCX loader on you guys too - I'll be moving
> > these to tmp file less progressive loaders this week as I port my
> > modeler to gnome.  This prob isn't useful as the TGA, unless you do a
> > lot of quakeforge development.  =)
> Thanks for the submission. I took a scan through it, and through
> the PCX spec and had a few comments:
>  * As has been mentioned before, there really is not much point in
>    writing this for gdk-pixbuf-0.x, which will be obsolete
>    in a few months.

Let me just remind people that things like evolution will be using the
old gdk-pixbuf for more than a few months.  So in that respect it isn't
entirely pointless to add loaders you would like to use to it.


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