Re: gtk-win32 1.3.5

fflewddur writes:
 > hi.  i wanted to thank you for your work releasing binaries of the gtk for
 > windows.  my own project, radeontweaker, uses gtk, so i've been trying to
 > compile the latest version for win32 but i can't get very far.  during the
 > make run for glib i get error messages about the '@' character being
 > unrecognized.

Umm. It almost sounds as if the makefile you are using hasn't properly
had all the automake variables expanded. Edit the makefile, look for
the @whatever@ and fix it, it hopefully should be pretty obvious what
the replacement should be.

But anyway, to the point: I am not at all sure that GTK+ 1.3.5 will
work at all, or even build, on Win32 without possibly major surgery.
If Hans Breuer has managed to keep up with the pace of changes to GTK+
and committed changes while I haven't done anything, the makefiles for
MSVC might be up-to-date, but not the mingw ones.

If you want stability, use the version available prebuilt from (GTK+ 1.3.0+).

 > i *think* i'm following the instructions to the letter; i've
 > got all the needed files and i edited the makefiles and modules.def files to
 > point to the proper locations on my system.  do you either have any idea
 > what i'm doing wrong, or do you have 1.3.5 binaries you could send me?

Sorry, no. I have been kinda offline for over a month now; We moved
and unexpectedly the new house didn't have cable modem service
available, as I had assumed. I am now waiting for the company owning
the house to install net access (the house is pre-wired with
twisted-pair Ethernet in all rooms, yeah, and they have a deal with an
ISP to connect all their houses). Oh well, maybe being cut off from
the net during evenings and weekends has been a good thing, my wrists
are in much better shape now, and I have had time to get stuff done
for the home at evenings. Three visits to IKEA in four weeks, a couple
of visits to hardware stores every week ;-)


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