Re: set of valid characters for type names

On Mon, 7 May 2001, James Henstridge wrote:

> I was working on adding support to pygtk for registering new GTypes.
> Rather than having the python user choose a name for the new GType, I
> wanted to automatically choose a name.  In many places in python,
> "module.classname" is used as a unique identifier for a class.  So this
> sounded like a good choice for the type name.
> Unfortunately, glib complains about this choice of name.  Looking at the
> source code, it appears that the only allowable characters in the type
> name are letters, numbers and -, _ and +.
> Would it be possible to add '.' to the list of allowable characters?  Is
> there any other characters anyone would like to use in type names?

"." is a normal struct/class operator i nmany languages.
how are those bindings supposed to interface to
type names that contain "."?
i'm somewhat in doubt about "+" already, "-"/"_" should at least
normally be exchangable, and is just added convenience for scheme.

> James.


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