Current status of multihead support...


I'm currently evaluating GUI-toolkits for a new project I'm going
to realize. One key point is multihead support in the toolkit, not 
on a windowmanager basis (like motif, where one can very simple 
open windows on different physical screens). 

Currently neither gtk+ nor Qt seems to support this feature (which
seems very strange to me because beside the normal desktop pc's
multiheaded enviroments are very popular). After greping the mailing-
list I found a thread from November 2000 in which multiheaded
support was discussed. 

Therefore my question: What's the current status of multiheaded 
support in gtk+ ? Is it implemented completly, in a prototyp state or 
is there nothing right now ? Is there any timeline when multihead
support will be available in any fashion ? 

Thanks for your answers,
Grosse Ereignisse werfen mitunter ihre Schatten unter die Augen.
(Fritz Muliar)

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