Re: The future of GdkFont declarations

Jeff Franks <jcf tpg com au> writes:
> I was just wondering, since GdkFont is to be deprecated what will happen
> to all the GdkFont declarations that appear in other files, such as
> gtkfontsel.h, gtkstyle.h, gdkdrawable.h, gdkgc.h and gdktypes.h. Will
> these be changed to PangoFont or will GdkFont become a typedef for
> PangoFont.

GdkFont remains, so that porting won't be nightmarish, but any code
that uses it will not internationalize properly. There may be a couple
legitimate uses for it, maybe for terminal programs or something.

GtkFontSelection doesn't appear to have a parallel Pango API - a bug
report on that would be good. Seems busted. (Or maybe we'll just
remove the GdkFont from fontsel, I don't know the plan here.)


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