Re: Pango Performance (was: Re: --gtk-unbuffered)

Tor Lillqvist <tml Iki fi> writes:

>  > +  if (1 == has_glyph)
>  > +  else if (2 == has_glyph)
>  > +  return (1 == has_glyph);
> It would be preferrable if all of Pango used the same coding style
> conventions. While I certainly understand the rationale for this style
> of writing equality tests, it is nonetheless not used in any of the
> other code, which can be confusing. Or what do others think?

All code in pango/pango/ (the libpango library) should use the coding
style guidelines in:


I haven't paid attention to whether the win32/ft2 backends are doing this, 
but they certainly should.

For shaper modules, I recommend that they follow this style, but it's really
up to the person maintaining the module.


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