Re: Use of GObject properties in GTK+ 2.0

Tim Janik wrote:
> with the freeze and thaw notify fucntions in gobject, a bunch of properties
> can queue up that notification is required for. the actuall notification will
> then be emitted at thaw time, causing multiple GObject::notify signals with
> different details (the details being the property names).
> if you implement a listener that does some expensive action in response to
> property changes, you'd probably rather be notified with the whole list of
> properties that have changed than on each individual property. in that case
> you'd connect to ::properties_changed. the most frequent use though is
> people connecting to GObject::notify::<detail>.

Maybe I missing something but what is the difference in connecting to
the ::properties_changed signal and the ::notify signal without using a
detail?  Or MUST you provide a detail for the ::notify signal?


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