calendar widget on alpha/rh7.0

I'm using a great application called jpilot on my DEC alpha.
The operating system is RH7.0 (gtk+1.2.8).

The program works pretty good except for the GtkCalendar widget.
It gets all vertically squeezed.  This only occurs on the alpha
architecture.  gtk 1.2.8 works as expected on intel.

I have a small-ish program (supplied by judd, email listed above)
which creates the defect.  I can also supply 4-5k jpg snapshots
of the squeezing effect.

I researched the bugzilla database on RH and for gtk, did
a google search, and searched the mail archives, but couldn't
find any mention of this phenomenon.  I recently posted on
gtk-list gnome org with similar results.

Is anyone familiar with this?  can anyone help me?

Mark Smith
mark winksmith com

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