2 textview bugs

two bugs found in TextView widget. (from anonCVS today ChangeLog says

T1. Pressing Tab in an empty line hides cursor and sets the line height to
0 until you insert a "real" character at the line.

My new sourceview widget also core dumps if:

S1. Pressing tab, space or any character on a line that is tagged at line
begin core dumps with:

Gtk-ERROR **: file gtktextbtree.c: line 1708 (_gtk_text_btree_tag):
assertion failed: ((toggled_on && seg->type == &gtk_text_toggle_off_type)
|| (!toggled_on && seg->type == &gtk_text_toggle_on_type))

I am reporting this here because I think this has to do with the same bug
as T1.

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