Re: Xft and Xrender support for GTK+ 1.2.8

h> The existence of gdkx.h, which includes gdkprivate.h, means that GDK
h> 1.2 is effectively much more tightly bound to X (and the specifics of
h> X fonts) than we might like, at least in terms of what can be
h> changed without breaking apps.

I was afraid that would be your answer...

h> A solution here might be to always load an XFontStruct or XFontSet,
h> even though it won't be used, then _also_ load the XftFont and tack
h> that on the end of the struct, or some hack like that.

That sounds like a good workaround.  It won't work in the general case
(i.e. if someone refers to a font by its TrueType or alias name,
instead of with an LFD description), but that's OK.  Less magic is
required behind the scenes with LFD descriptions, anyway.

h> Definitely though, if we add a field it should be done by just
h> sticking a 'gpointer xft_data' in the header unconditionally,
h> rather than according to config.h.

Yes, based on your mention that gdkprivate.h actually getting
installed, this makes most sense.

h> Jacob was saying the hard part was GtkFontSelection - do you have
h> that working yet? ;-)

I'm sure this will just be a simple matter of implementation :-)


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