Xft and Xrender support for GTK+ 1.2.8

Hello, world -

I spent a few hours tonight hacking together preliminary support for
Keith Packard's Xrender extension and Xft anti-aliased font code,
which come with XFree 4.0.2.

The code is grafted on top of GTK+ 1.2.8, since I wanted to see
whether I could get something up and running with minimal effort,
independent of the work I understand Owen Taylor is doing on Pango for
some distant release.  Between midnight and 4am this morning, I got at
least a few simple apps working.

Prepatch and obligatory screenshot are at

The prepatch has a number of shortcomings and bugs, some of which will
be obvious to any reader, and others which will only be clear to Keith
Packard, since I'm depending on the documentation and examples he
dropped into XFree 4.0.2 :-)

Forget about having the prepatch work with any clever GTK+ apps.  Any
app that assumes that it can call gdk_gc_set_font, for example, will
barf right now.  Also, if you're running a binary snapshot of XFree
4.0.2, you'll have to run an Xrender-capable server and recompile
libXft with freetype2 support enabled, otherwise you won't see
anything interesting.

Please send feedback and corrections my way, as I'd like to see this
stuff get integrated into the "legacy" (as opposed to CVS current)
GTK+ tree at some point.


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