Re: updated

Shawn T Amundson <amundson eventloop com> writes:
> I updated a bit.  I'm not done yet, but I am open 
> to suggestions.  In any case, at least there are no more dead
> links and things like Pango and Inti are listed.  The Freshmeat
> stuff is gone.  

The bug tracker page should probably point to now,
instead of debbugs.

> I'd like to know how people think the front page should
> describe GTK+ and GLib.  I don't think the current descriptions
> for GLib or GDK are all that good - I took them from the 1.2
> release announcement.  

Here's a possible first draft:

 GLib      - general purpose utility library for C programming
 Pango     - general purpose internationalized text handling library,
 GdkPixbuf - extensible image loading and manipulation library
 GDK       - Drawing Kit, provides a uniform interface to the target windowing
             system. Existing targets include the X Window System,
             Microsoft Windows, the Linux framebuffer, and NanoX.
 GTK+      - GIMP Tool Kit, provides high-level widgets such as buttons, 
             dialogs, and text boxes.


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