new versions of GHashTable / GTree patches


I have reviewed my patches once again and put new version online

        glib-sven-010109-0 adds destroy_notifers for keys and 
        values to the GHashTable.

        glib-sven-010109-1 does the same with GTree and adds the
        g_tree_lookup_extended() function.

        glib-sven-010109-2 is the small fix to gobject/genums.h
        I already sent to this list.

The main change between the new patches and the ones I sent lately,
is the change of the key_destroy_func and value_destroy_func to 
GDestroyNotify (instead of GFreeFunc) and the addition of 
g_[hash_table|tree]_destroy_no_notify() functions to destroy the
container without calling the destruction notifiers.

Please let me know if you are willing to accept these changes.

Salut, Sven

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