Re: transforms in gdk?

Mark <jamess1 wwnet com> writes: 
> > 
> > gdk_gc_transform() would be extremely nontrivial to implement, in any
> > case, so won't happen for 2.0.
> I guess I was hoping libart could be used for most of this, at least
> until code to use XRender is written (I'm pretty sure XRender supports
> transforms).

When I say "nontrivial" I meant for gdk_draw_* and friends. With
gdk_render_ all the hard bits will be in libart, XRender, etc. rather
than GDK itself, the only real work for GDK is designing the API.

The hard work would be then porting all the GTK widgets over to use
the gdk_render_ rendering model instead of the gdk_draw_ one. 
> I might write some code in this direction, at the very least it might be
> usefull for when this actually goes into gdk.



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