Re: transforms in gdk?

Mark <jamess1 wwnet com> writes:

> Hello,
>   Does any else think transforms would be usefull in gdk? I'm thinking
> along the lines of:
> gdk_gc_set_transform ()
> Should be fairly easy to implement, with the exception of text and
> images.

And arcs and... (depending on how general a transform you want to support.)

>  I'm looking specifically for text tranformations, but I think in
> general this would be usefull, especial when the hardware of the system
> can accelerate these operations.

At some point in the future, we'll move to a new drawing model for
GDK with anti-aliasing, transforms, alpha-compositing, and so forth.
That's quite a ways off. 

Until then, I think it makes the most sense to keep GDK simple and have
people use something like libart and/or the GNOME canvas if they want
fancy stuff.


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