Re: transforms in gdk?

Mark <jamess1 wwnet com> writes:
> > At some point in the future, we'll move to a new drawing model for
> > GDK with anti-aliasing, transforms, alpha-compositing, and so forth.
> > That's quite a ways off.
> Who says we have to implement it all at once? At least if the API is
> there we don't wait for major revisions to actually use some it.

The new API wouldn't be a drop-in replacement for the current one; the
current one would continue to exist, and we'd create a separate set of
gdk_render_* functions that correspond to libart/XRender/gnome-print
type of stuff. gdk_draw_* make pretty strong guarantees about the
exact pixels they draw, so that can't be changed.

gdk_gc_transform() would be extremely nontrivial to implement, in any
case, so won't happen for 2.0.


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