Re: How to add a patch to bugzilla?

egger suse de writes:

> On 25 Feb, John Margaglione wrote:
> > Could someone give me a quick overview of how to add a patch through
> > bugzilla?  I just need to know what fields to set, and how to attach
> > the patch.
>  That's fairly easy. Find the bug you'd like to attach a patch to or
>  file a new case if necessary. Go to the bug on
>  and then click on "Create a new attachment (proposed patch, testcase, etc.)"
>  right below the settings of product etc. Then upload the file, set the
>  correct type and give it a meaningful description. Oh yes, diff -u format
>  please.
>  And enter PATCH in the keyword field if possible.

Note that entries in bugzilla don't have to be _phrased_ as bugs; it's
perfectly fine if the title of your bug is:

 "Patch to add a frobate button to gtkcolorsel"

And the description is:

 "Here's a patch I created.... it's a useful addition because..."

I note that only because we've had a few patches submitted
that are like:

 "GtkColorsel is missing a frobate button"

 "GtkColorsel is missing a frobate button. This is a bug
  because...  And, by the way, here's a patch to fix this

No need to force the wording :-) Basically, acts as
a TODO list and issue tracker for the GTK team. It's not just about
bugs in the strictest sense.


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