Re: TreeView crashes X server?

Arjan J. Molenaar wrote:

On Fri, 2001-12-14 at 11:13, James Henstridge wrote:

Arjan J. Molenaar wrote:

I'm having some problems with the TreeView stuff of GTK+ 2.0. It seems
like this widget somehow causes an X server crash. If for some reason
the X server itself doesn't crash I get a message that I should use the
--sync option to produce reliable coredumps. However, if I turn on this
option, the program works (mostly) fine.
Well, I encountered the problem when I was writing a small program in
Python (and used the PyGTK bindings). This (Python) might be the
problem, but according to some checks I did, the problem seems to be
somewhat more sophisticated.

If you are using the (horrendously) leaky GenericTreeModel python class as a base, it could be that you are simply running out of memory. Generally, a client can't crash the X server (if it can, then it is a bug in the X server). However, if the system runs out of memory, you may run into problems.

As far as I can see, the system is not running out of memory (or a
request is made for a memory segment > my mem)...

BTW. What is a good way to do some memory debuging on the tree
model/view? It works like a charm, but if it really leaks that much,
it's not really usable...

The GenericTreeModel will leak one python object reference for each GtkTreeModel method that fills in a GtkTreeIter (as it doesn't know when the iter is not needed any more. If you always return the same python objects, you will simply get reference leaks. If you return different objects each time, then you will see memory leaks.

It might be worth adding a flag to GenericTreeModel in pygtk so that you can switch between the current leaky behaviour and one where it doesn't ref the objects, and may crash if you don't keep references to the objects elsewhere.


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