Re: TreeView crashes X server?

Arjan J. Molenaar wrote:

I'm having some problems with the TreeView stuff of GTK+ 2.0. It seems
like this widget somehow causes an X server crash. If for some reason
the X server itself doesn't crash I get a message that I should use the
--sync option to produce reliable coredumps. However, if I turn on this
option, the program works (mostly) fine.
Well, I encountered the problem when I was writing a small program in
Python (and used the PyGTK bindings). This (Python) might be the
problem, but according to some checks I did, the problem seems to be
somewhat more sophisticated.

If you are using the (horrendously) leaky GenericTreeModel python class as a base, it could be that you are simply running out of memory. Generally, a client can't crash the X server (if it can, then it is a bug in the X server). However, if the system runs out of memory, you may run into problems.

If it isn't a memory issue ignore the above, and maybe someone else can help you :)


Email: james daa com au

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