Re: how do I map pkg-config functionality to glib-config-2.0?

    Owen> We decided after the first few releases of GTK+ that the official
    Owen> -config solution for GLib and GTK+ would be pkg-config. With that
    Owen> in mind, there is no reason to install glib-config-2.0:

    Owen>  - Using pkg-config is as easy glib-config-2.0 is intentionally

Unless you don't have the mettle to modify the automake/autoconf/
autowhatever stuff that insinuates glib-config-2.0 into configure and
friends... ;-)

    Owen> You shouldn't need fribidi (Pango defaults to compiling with the
    Owen> included Fribidi, which is basically as good and tiney). 

The Pango download page ( needs to be
updated.  It reads, in part:

    In order to build GTK+-1.3, you'll first need to have the libtiff,
    libgiff, and libjpeg libraries on your system, then build and install
    GLib-1.3, FriBidi, Pango, and GTK+-1.3 in that order.

This is where I noticed the FriBidi reference.


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