While looking through gcompletion.c, a few things stick out:

#1, why can you only add/remove multiple items at a time?  This
forces the user of a GCompletion to keep an extra GList, if they're
getting items one at a time (ie, if using readdir() or something).
Would the addition of g_completion_{add,remove}_item() be accepted?

#2, what's the reasoning for GCompletionStrncmpFunc?  It seems as
it's either a bulky way to allow the user to do case-insensitive
matching; any replacing (~, $VARIABLE) should be done before
before g_completion_complete() is ever passed a prefix, so I really
can't see a use for it.  Could someone please enlighten me?  If
it is simply for the possibility of case-insensitive matching, would
a patch to use a boolean value instead be accepted?

(These are both API changes, which is why I'm asking before starting)

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