Re: how do I map pkg-config functionality to glib-config-2.0?

Skip Montanaro <skip pobox com> writes:

>     Arnaud> That's what we've found when porting GtkAda to Gtk+ 1.3.3 at
>     Arnaud> least, there might be other issues.
> Thanks for the responses.  What I wound up doing was tracking down recent
> working versions of glib-config-2.0 & gtk-config-2.0 and overriding a couple
> values (like the version number printed).  I am now able to build glib 1.3.3
> and the stuff that depends on it (pango, fribi, gtk+ 1.3.3, pygtk2).

Please don't create glib-config-2.0 files on your system, you'll only cause
yourself problems in the long-term. 

We decided after the first few releases of GTK+ that the official -config
solution for GLib and GTK+ would be pkg-config. With that in mind, there
is no reason to install glib-config-2.0:

 - Using pkg-config is as easy glib-config-2.0 is intentionally
 - separate from glib-config, so there is no compatibilty gain.

The reason that we install a version of glib-config-2.0 that refuses
to work instead of not installing anything is that using an old version
of glib-config-2.0 produces very strange, hard to diagnose problems.

You shouldn't need fribidi (Pango defaults to compiling with the
included Fribidi, which is basically as good and tiney). Pango, gtk+
don't need glib-config-2.0. Other packages depending on GTK+-2.0 should
be fixed to use pkg-config. (Or the AM_PATH_GTK_2_0 macro, once we 
fix that for 1.3.4)


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