Re: Portability and distribution with Gtk+ 1.3

> > Also, it is currently not possible to build gtk without having libpng
> > (well for the same reason, the embedded png images).
> Sorry missed this.  Has libpng really been giving you portability problems
> though?

zlib definitely has, as explained in my message. zlib does not even have
a configure, and has no provision for building shared libraries.

Also, the dependency on libpng and zlib is a run time dependency, there is
no simple way to link these statically, or is there ?

> When compiling pango, you can pass the
> "--with-included-modules=MODULE1,..." option to configure.  So if you only
> ever use a subset of the available modules, you can compile those in.  For
> instance:
>   ./configure --with-included-modules=basic-x
> With just "./configure --with-included-modules", all modules will be
> included.
> For gtk+, there is the --with-included-loaders=... option.  I haven't seen
> an option for including input method modules though.

OK, this is going in the right direction. So we need to make sure that there
is an option for each of the dynamic modules.


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