Re: Portability and distribution with Gtk+ 1.3

> > zlib    (needed by libpng)
> > libpng  (needed by gdk-pixbuf to at least load the stock images)
> similar here.

I don't believe this is true, since there are built-in png images in
Gtk that provide stock images and require libpng.

Also, it is currently not possible to build gtk without having libpng
(well for the same reason, the embedded png images).

So the issue remains.

> The pango and gdk-pixbuf modules (or a subset thereof) can be compiled
> into the respective libraries, which gets rid of some of these `hidden'
> dependencies, which should be a help if you are trying to statically link
> a program.

Could you give more details, or pointers that explain this ?
Also, "some" is worrisome in your sentence.


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