Re: USE_GMODULE for msvc

At 12:43 01.04.01 +0100, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
>On Sunday 01 April 2001  8:14 am, Tim Janik wrote:
>> 2001-03-31  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>
>>         * : disable USE_MMX for msvc build cause
>>         the assembler doesn't fit and is out of my scope. Disable
>>         USE_GMODULE for msvc build as wel. The right way to share
>>         binaries on win32 would be to use libtiff.dll etc.
>> erk, what do we have gmodule-win32.c, special cased for __MSVC__
>> for then?
>> gary, what exactly does libtool do for msvc on win32, does it use
>> libtiff.dll? 
>The MSVC support in libtool was submitted a couple of years ago, but never 
>kept up to date, so in all probability it doesn't work.  I am loathe to
>?400 (the cost of MSVC++6) to find out how to fix it though :-(  As always, 
>patches gratefully accepted...
If there are clear, documented goals what to obtain from libtool with msvc
(and if it is written in a language I'm used to), I would volunteer to give
you a helping hand ...

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Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to 
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