Re: USE_GMODULE for msvc

At 09:14 01.04.01 +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
>2001-03-31  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>
>        * : disable USE_MMX for msvc build cause
>        the assembler doesn't fit and is out of my scope. Disable
>        USE_GMODULE for msvc build as wel. The right way to share
>        binaries on win32 would be to use libtiff.dll etc.
Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The USE_GMODULE definition here does not
effect any real G_MODULE concern. It is simply meant (and not named by me)
to statitically include the fileformat filters in the gdk-pixbuf library,
instead of having about >10 additional Dlls like

My statement was: Using single libraries for every fileformat in gdk-pixbuf
does not improve the reuse of binary components, because the
pixbufloader-*.* are *only* usable from gdk-pixbuf. IMO it wold be much
more convenient (if required) to use i.e. a libtiff.dll, which could be
reused by any component which wants the libtiff functionallity.

Another drawback with not included handlers would be (almost) the
requirement of a setup program to get things right. My Dia win32 port
(which currently uses an older version of gdk-pixbuf) has a very simple
installation instruction at the moment: "Simply put the additional
gtk+/system dlls in a place where the dia executable can find it (ie. the
dia\bin directory). Neither Registry entries nor magic configuartion files
required. I'm trying to keeep the whole Gtk+ 2.0 framework that simple as

Please keep in mind that there is no /usr /usr/local /opt - standard on
windoze  like it appears to be on *ix ...

>erk, what do we have gmodule-win32.c, special cased for __MSVC__
>for then?
gmodule-win32.c is the appropriate implementation to get gmodule
functionality on win32. It works nice (i.e. the whole Dia plug-in system is
based on it)

My suggestion at the moment: rename USE_GMODULE in gtk\config.h to 

>gary, what exactly does libtool do for msvc on win32, does it use
>libtiff.dll? (and yes, your last mail "Re: revised patch for glib
>is still in my inqueue and will be processed at some point ;)
1) libtiff.dll was just an example and it's use would require some
standardization on the binary library interface.

2) msvc (= Micro$oft Visual C) will probably not use all the libtool stuff
(or the auto* - breakage), because they (M$) have "invented" all the
windoze-Dll stuff and at the moment it is simply working better using the
native tools. At least if one is willing to use comercial tools at all ...

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