Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

on 9/11/00 1:28 AM, Michael Meeks at michael helixcode com wrote:

> Hi Havoc,
> On 9 Sep 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
>> Another question: Michael is the current UIHandler good enough
>> for GNOME 1.4 applications (Nautilus/Evolution)?
> The answer is unequivocaly No. The old UI handler has many
> probles; see bonobo/doc/ui-handler.txt. Furthermore it is still
> unfinished, and does not handle many things that we need such as status
> support ( eg. Nautilus hacked up their own interface for this ).

I'm afraid I can't let this one pass by quite that easily. Yes, the old UI
handler has many problems. But the answer to the question "is the current
UIHandler good enough for Nautilus" is certainly not "unequivocally no". In
fact, the Nautilus hackers had assumed that the current UIHandler was what
we would ship with, and had spent much time debugging and tweaking it to
meet Nautilus's needs. We were as surprised as anyone to discover that the
API was going to be drastically rearranged so late in the game. We would
feel much more confident that Nautilus could ship on time if this were not
the case.

For the record, Elliott Lee added status bar support to Nautilus in the
first week or so of Nautilus's life, before we Eazel folks even knew of its
existence. That support has remained essentially unchanged, with maybe a
tweak or two here and there since then. So though perhaps inelegant, it
certainly hasn't been the source of major trouble. (In the interest of
fairness, however, I should mention that there's current an undebugged
problem in Nautilus where menu item hints don't show up in the status bar


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