Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

Hi Havoc,

On 9 Sep 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Another question: Michael is the current UIHandler good enough
> for GNOME 1.4 applications (Nautilus/Evolution)?

        The answer is unequivocaly No. The old UI handler has many
probles; see bonobo/doc/ui-handler.txt. Furthermore it is still
unfinished, and does not handle many things that we need such as status   
support ( eg. Nautilus hacked up their own interface for this ).

> One option is to leave the current one for 1.4, mark it as "scheduled
> to die", and replace it in 2.0. That gives more time to make sure the
> final API we have to live with is correct, and avoids any trouble for
> the 1.4 release.
        I am not so worried about the C Api, more the CORBA API. However
the C api is currently extremely thin. I suspect that the Bonobo 1.0 APIs
will plague us for _far_ longer than we now realize:
        "I forsee all manner of unforseen problems"
        "Such as ?"
        "Well if I could forsee them they wouldn't be unforseen!"

        So I want to fix it now.

> This is very late in the release cycle to be doing a total rewrite if
> we can avoid it via some small hacks here and there in
> Nautilus/Evolution.
        The total re-write has been going on for 3 weeks now; the first 2
weeks were writing the core and the third week ( hence getting after the
original Bonobo freeze date ) was trying to write a compatibility API that
made it trivial to transition [ mostly done ].
        Furthermore the new code is approximately half the number of lines
of code, and more complete. So I am confidant that it will be ready, and
working for Gnome 1.4 and that things will sit happily on it. I am also
confidant that maintaining the old UI handler is a nightmare.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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