Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

On 11 Sep, Michael Meeks wrote:

>> Can you explain how "name" is different from "_label"? Is "name"
>> guaranteed unique for the menu item?
>         This is the solution to the translation problems that are
> bedeviling the GnomeUI stuff. Essentialy the Name provided a
> programaticaly constant path regardless of translation, the _label is
>  translated string.

 YES! This is very very very very VERY important. With a proper solution 
 for i18n in the API there's no need for ugly hacks which is very nice.

 You talked about the menucreation with XML code. This means that the
 either the library has to care about the translation (given you'd like
 to use something like gettext) or we use the XML way of doing things
 like <_label xml:lang="de">Öffnen</description>.

 If you do it the former way please let the programmer choose what i18n
 system (by adding a function to change it) to use instead of relying
 on gettext (I hope to get my system beyond design somewheen soon).

 If you do it the second way please provide a possibility to insert
 menus at an arbitary place and to create whole menutrees without having
 to specify the root of the item every time.

> You can set sensitivity on a per verb basis; see bonobo/app.c and
> that affects all items that connect to that verb.

 AHHH! Makes sense...

> # denotes a name node. The reason for this then is that the path
> can be used to create a path correctly before it is there, and so that
> subsequent merges work well. This is part of the strategy for
> supporting crazy ordering on merging / overriding.

 Sounds fancy. Do you have any examples for reallife use? I'm not quite
 sure about the intended usage.... :)



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