Re: Status of configurable global options (double-click timeout, etc.)?

Guy Harris <gharris flashcom net> writes: 
> "Window manager" properties, or "root window" properties?

Yes, sorry. (Well the exact details are that you have a property on
the root window containing the window ID of a special off-screen
window that contains configuration properties, since the root window
is already cluttered.)
> In any case, three *thousand* cheers for Owen; a mechanism to allow
> GTK+/GNOME applications and KDE (and perhaps "raw Qt") applications to
> have font settings and the like controllable by any desktop's control
> center would be wonderful.

I think it was Matthias Ettrich's idea, so definitely it will go in Qt.
> <character set> would presumably be ignored by GTK+ 2.0.

Yep, I think that's correct (GTK apps only see UTF8, Pango converts
that to character sets internally).


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