Re: Status of configurable global options (double-click timeout, etc.)?

Guy Harris <gharris flashcom net> writes: 
> 	the "General font" (which is the KDE equivalent of the "system
> 	font", I think);
> 	the "Fixed font" (so that applications that want a fixed-width
> 	font, without having to provide their own configuration option
> 	to specify the fixed-with font to use, can do more than just ask
> 	for "fixed" or "6x13" or some other hard-coded name);
> 	the "Window title font" (exactly what it says);

These are pretty good candidates for shared settings between
GNOME/KDE, Owen is compiling a list of them to go in window manager
properties. (The problem being the format of the setting, since GTK+
2.0 wants something like "Helvetica 12" not an X font description and
Qt has its own thing I guess.)


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