Re: Status of configurable global options (double-click timeout, etc.)?

On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 07:03:18PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> These are pretty good candidates for shared settings between
> GNOME/KDE, Owen is compiling a list of them to go in window manager
> properties.

"Window manager" properties, or "root window" properties?

In any case, three *thousand* cheers for Owen; a mechanism to allow
GTK+/GNOME applications and KDE (and perhaps "raw Qt") applications to
have font settings and the like controllable by any desktop's control
center would be wonderful.

> (The problem being the format of the setting, since GTK+
> 2.0 wants something like "Helvetica 12" not an X font description and
> Qt has its own thing I guess.)

KDE 1.x's format (I'm not sure Qt has any single-string format) appears
to be

	<family name>,<point size>,<???>,<character set>,<weight>,<italic>

where "family name" is something such as "helvetica" (I don't know if
it's case-sensitive or not), "point size" is a number, "???" is
something I haven't figured out (I haven't dug into the KDE code
enough), "character set" is something such as "iso-8859-1", "weight"
appears to be the numerical weight value as used by Qt (see

), and "italic" is either 0 if the font isn't italic or 1 if it is. 
(Other than the "???", these appear to be the encoding, as strings, of
the arguments to the QFont constructor.)

GTK+ 2.0, I infer, doesn't consider the character set to be a
characteristic of a font specification, courtesy of the Pangoization; I
don't know whether the KDE folk have done anything similar for 2.0
(perhaps I'm just being naive, but the GTK+ 2.0 scheme seems to be the
Right Way to do things, at least in a world of internationalized
applications).  I also infer that the GTK+ font settings are those that
"pango_font_description_from_string()" handles, so that the KDE 1.x
<family name> would map to "[FAMILY-LIST]", <point size> would map to
"[SIZE]", and <weight> and <italic> would map to parts of
"[STYLE-OPTIONS]", in the pango_font_description_from_string()" string
format described by

<character set> would presumably be ignored by GTK+ 2.0.

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