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Joe Kelch wrote:">
Just a thought -

When considering what to go into gtk or gnome, keep in mind that some of us
are doing cross platform development using gtk+.  It works just fine with Win98,
for instance, and allows me to do one code for both WinXX and Linux.  In fact
I can develop using MSVC 6, which is still superior to any IDE for Linux that
I have found.  Gnome has not as yet, as far as I can tell, been ported to Windows
(if so, please let me know where I can get it!), so we need pretty high functionality
from gtk+.


Joe Kelch

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I share you frustration as far as IDEs go. The closest thing to a good MSVC like IDE is a text editor called SciTE ( It is developed to be exactly the same on GTK+ and Win32, it has very clean crisp syntax hilighting, and it acts exactly like MSVC's editor.

The nice thing is that it's based on Scintilla, which is a GTK+ Widget. I'm using it in my own project BitLeaf to create an IDE. BitLeaf is a web development IDE but when I get a stable release from BitLeaf I'm starting a real solid C/C++ development IDE for Gnome.

I am but one with 3 projects on my hand.  I can't pump more code than what I'm doing right now. I would appreciate any help to get the fourth one going.

Take care,

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