Re: What should and should not go into gtk...

Nils Barth wrote:
> Thus spake Joe Kelch:
> > When considering what to go into gtk or gnome, keep in mind that some of us
> > are doing cross platform development using gtk+.  It works just fine with Win98,
> > for instance, and allows me to do one code for both WinXX and Linux.  In fact
> > I can develop using MSVC 6, which is still superior to any IDE for Linux that
> > I have found.  Gnome has not as yet, as far as I can tell, been ported to Windows
> > (if so, please let me know where I can get it!), so we need pretty high functionality
> > from gtk+.
> Er, I don't know if this is right perspective; instead, you need
> pretty high Cross-Platform functionality.
> That doesn't mean that everything should go into GTK, just to be
> cross-platform. Instead, if you need some functionality that in a
> GNOME library, say, then it seems it would be a better use of
> resources to port that library (not all of GNOME!), rather than trying
> to integrate it into GTK/bloat GTK.
> So I think the suggestion: "if something is useful on WinXX, put it
> into GTK" is a red herring.

But if something is useful on WinXX, then it is probably useful on Linux
and every other platform that gtk+ works on. Gtk+ should not become
bloated but it does need to be a robust widget set on it's own without


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