Re: [Bugfix] Mergesort used in clist


On 2000-08-31, Owen Taylor <> wrote:

> This was reported by two people and fixed few weeks ago, and was reported
> on this list as well as recently as Monday. (Yet, the bug is several
> years old!) Thanks for catching it, though, anyways.

Will we see GTK 1.2.9 soon or should I try to work around this in my
application / tell my users "not to delete the last list entry until the
next version of GTK"?

>> I also could not find a "known bugs" page for GTK 1.2.8 - in case this
>> problem is already fixed, it would certainly have saved me several hours
>> of debugging. Does something like this exist?
> Tou could look at the bugtracker. ( Many (if not all)
> fixed bugs will appear in the closed bug section. Except that the bug
> tracker is in bad disrepair, and closed bugs are temporarily not being
> shown on the bug tracking machine so that it doesn't completely die.

I tried the bugtracker and to be honest, I didn't find it all that useful.
 - I found the output of the search very user-unfriendly: The overview
   contained lots of information I was not interested in (like who
   submitted the bug or which address the mail to close the bug was sent
   to), but which I needed to read, because the subject was hidden
   somewhere in the middle of it.
 - I could not find a way to limit my query to a single package.
 - Maybe this is due to the hardware problems you mention, but using
   various (combinations of) keywords, I could not find any reference to
   the bug that caused my problem, nor could I get an overview of bugs in
   the current stable version of GTK that might cause future problems.

I also tried to download the archive of the past few months of the GTK
mailing list, but found that it did not seem to be in valid mbox format
(mutt could only read 16 of more than 300 postings). After fiddling some
time to solve this, I noticed that all "References:" and "In-Reply-To:"
header lines were stripped, making it impossible to reconstruct threads.

What am I doing wrong? If my application crashes and I get the impression
that a GTK problem is involved, how can I check this without spending

Kind regards,
    Thomas Schultz

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