Re: Gnome/Gtk and thread safety

> Yes, it will happen. No, it's not a bad thing. Why not make sure GTK is
> robust enough to handle thread safety in the first place? This is twice as
> important when porting Windows applications to GTK...believe me, I've had
> my nightmares with don't want to change the basic design of the
> app any more than you need to. Changing what threads are doing what is a
> BIG design change, and would be necessary to keep all GUI calls in one
> thread.

OK how about "threadsafe-gtk.h:"

#define gtk_init()        LOCK_GTK()       \
                          gtk_init()       \

#define gtk_window_new()  LOCK_GTK()       \
                          gtk_window_new() \

and so on... Then look for places with too much contention and do your own

(what's that about "good code chasing after bad..." =)


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