Re: glib time functions

On 29 Nov 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Something along these lines:
> There are useful URLs and See Also links on that page.
> Or:
> Be sure not to look at the implementation code for either Java or Qt
> though, I'm just pointing to them to say we want comparable
> functionality and show a sample interface.

after looking at the interface-specification above and checking the
current api of the date-functions i believe, it would make more sense to
only extend the current api with new functions of the same style.
2 versions come to my mind:

1.) extending GDate itself and adding new g_date_* function
2.) defining a new struct GDateTime and adding funtions
    g_dt_* with similar sytax as the g_date-functions

> Also useful would be a parser for the long ISO-format dates, I think
> these are the ones used in email headers.

haven't looked deeply in that yet, but shouldn't be too difficult ;-)

> Havoc

if you want me to start with one of the 2 suggested versions above, just
tell me ;-)

best regards

so long...
	Ray :)

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