Re: glib time functions

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, David Benson wrote:

> I have code for rfc 822, rfc 850 and ansi c's asctime format
> date/time printers/parsers -- but they just use `struct tm'
> and a time zone offset, rather than inventing their own structure
> as would be the glib policy.
> They might be helpful though and I'd be happy to adapt them to
> GDateTime or whatever if that is invented.

I plan to investigate the possibility of having support for non-Gregorian
calendars.  Some calendars, like the Islamic calendar are very difficult
due to them being non-determenistic, but other calendars, e.g. the
pre-Gregorian western calendar, and the Persian calendar are nice enough
that we can support them.

Robert Brady
robert suse co uk

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