Re: proposal: handle middle/right clicks on arrows of scrollbarsdifferently

Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> writes:

>  Hi,
>  I think from GUI usability standpoint, it would be nice to extend the
> handling of right/middle clicks on scrollbar's arrows (that are in the edges)
> 1) Middle or right click on the arrow moves the slider right to that edge of
> 	scrollbar
> 2) Even more inteligent:
>    Middle click on the arrow moves the slider right to that edge of
>    scrollbar, right click - right to oposite edge. This is IMO very handy
>    when your pointer is over the left arrow of horizontal scrollbar and you
>    have to scroll to 90% of scrollbar: you press right button (slider goes to 
>    the 100% limit), and then press left mouse button several times (it's
>    over left arrow, remember?) to move slider to 90%.
>    May be the meaning of right and middle presses should be reversed since
>    middle button is not present on a lot of mouses.
>  Sorry, I don't have time to dig in the gtk sources and understand it to make
> a correct patch. But it seems it would be very easy to code it.
>  What do you think about this?

I have just committed a change that makes the scrollbar arrows work
like those on a spinbutton:

 button-2 - move by pages
 button-3 - move to end

I don't think the suggestion that button-2 should move to the other
end is that intuitive (Some people might think that it should move in
steps in the other direction, and it definitely should act the same as
in the gtkspinbutton.) 

If moving in both directions using the arrows is that common, the
right solution is probably to make the feature overt and use
NeXT-style arrow positioning, not to make it a hidden feature.
(especially since 2-button mice are pretty common) 

Thanks for the suggestion,

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