Re: proposal: handle middle/right clicks on arrows of scrollbarsdifferently

On 12 Nov 2000, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> writes:
> >  Hi,
> > 
> >  I think from GUI usability standpoint, it would be nice to extend the
> > handling of right/middle clicks on scrollbar's arrows (that are in the edges)
> > 1) Middle or right click on the arrow moves the slider right to that edge of
> > 	scrollbar
> > 2) Even more inteligent:
> >    Middle click on the arrow moves the slider right to that edge of
> >    scrollbar, right click - right to oposite edge. This is IMO very handy
> >    when your pointer is over the left arrow of horizontal scrollbar and you
> >    have to scroll to 90% of scrollbar: you press right button (slider goes to 
> >    the 100% limit), and then press left mouse button several times (it's
> >    over left arrow, remember?) to move slider to 90%.
> >    May be the meaning of right and middle presses should be reversed since
> >    middle button is not present on a lot of mouses.
> > 
> >  Sorry, I don't have time to dig in the gtk sources and understand it to make
> > a correct patch. But it seems it would be very easy to code it.
> >  What do you think about this?
> I have just committed a change that makes the scrollbar arrows work
> like those on a spinbutton:
>  button-2 - move by pages
>  button-3 - move to end
> I don't think the suggestion that button-2 should move to the other
> end is that intuitive (Some people might think that it should move in
> steps in the other direction, and it definitely should act the same as
> in the gtkspinbutton.) 
> If moving in both directions using the arrows is that common, the
> right solution is probably to make the feature overt and use
> NeXT-style arrow positioning, not to make it a hidden feature.
> (especially since 2-button mice are pretty common) 

 Nice decision - I also like it.

 May be we should add the following logic too:
 If ctrl or alt or meta is pressed, the slider is moved in oposite direction
(with the same treatment of step size as function of the mouse button index)?

 I personally always keep my hand over alt or control when in X and when
mouse is in hand, since alt-drag1 moves the window, alt-drag2 resizes it. So 
it would be nice to use 'ctrl' and 'alt' as a modifier to mean 
"move in opposite direction" (since one of my hands is over those modifiers).
Same for spinbutton (alt or cntrl+ click on arrow changes the value in the
opposite direction).
 What do you think about this?

 It's nice that you've listen to any of my proposals :) Others are still
waiting for you.
> Thanks for the suggestion,
>                                         Owen

 Best regards,

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