Re: bug in gdkselection or in g_get_charset return value

Mikael Hermansson <mikeh bahnhof se> writes:

> For some weeks ago I reported that gtk+ HEAD fails/core dumps
> if you paste european character from Gtk 1.x -> gtk 2.0 textview/entry.
> I took some time today to investigate where it goes wrong 
> and I found the bug in file gdkselection-x11.c 
> for example:
> gdk_text_property_to_utf8_list(...) 
> line 418:             need_conversation=g_get_charset(&charset);
> I don't know if it's wrong here or wrong in g_get_charset but one thing
> for sure g_get_charset returns only TRUE if it's utf8 charset

the mistake is here ... thanks for finding it. Fixed.


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