Re: Re[2]: Framebuffer port of GTK/GDK !!

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, hashao wrote:

> Anyone consider the OpenGUI environment? It's a complete
> GUI by itself. It has a 3 layer structure which gtk+ can
> be built on. It use FrameBuffer or svgalib. Seems like it
> is an one man project for now. LGPL.
> Link:

Although this lib looks nice I'd think that a environment based on x86 has
serious portability issues. If we're going for embedded systems this
sometimes means cheaper processors like the StrongARM, MIPS or Super-H.

I've been following this thread mainly because I'm interested in embedded
devices, especially PDAs/handhelds. There's going to be a Linux handheld
you've probably heard about on the market soon (the GMate YOPY and they are using W-Windows for their GUI. I
don't know how this compares to the other small GUIs that have been touted
as the docs seem limited - but hopefully this can be expected to change
once the YOPY is on the shelves - so it's worth keeping in mind. Of course
the beauty of this device is that we can throw away W-Windows and use what
we want for the interface. 

At this point I'd like to throw in another contender for a low level
library to go over fbcon: SDL. It's commercially supported, LGPL and works
on multiple platforms/architectures - maybe a little low level for the
needs here but better than hitting fbcon directly. I like the fact that it
supports OpenGL also. 



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